Monday, April 4, 2011

Streets with names

I've been on my best behavior lately,
no longer losing my shit
at remembering that 
I've lost C-2 to the ether.

What sucks, though,  
is having rehearsal 
in his old hood
four days a week.

I'm cursed with this problem, generally,
upon losing lovers or friends
and being the one
left behind in that

the streets they used to drive
are still there
with the same names
and I'm still driving them.


Anonymous said...

Being sentimental is nothing to be ashamed of. . .

Those that care the most get hurt the most. . .

I tried contacting you via email, but with little success. . .

Until next time. . .

Heidi said...

It's strange... I was recently thinking the same thing, that over time the places I live get burdened with memories, and I just want to move to a new city with no memories.

Karin said...

@Heidi. I have felt similarly, esp. with the addition of this current neighbhood to the mix. Although there is a comfort in the memories too ... which makes me reticent to let them go.