Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not exactly profound

But today was (finally) a spring day.

And there are so many reasons this song is a metaphor for spring.  Its promise of hope and possibility, among them.

(Which is nice to feel, from time to time.)

You may be watching from a safe distance
You may be so close you can taste the blood
You may have headed for higher ground
You may be drowning in the flood

No matter what you do
Love will find you

You may have lost what little faith you have
You may believe with all your heart
You may be pulling yourself together again
You may be falling apart

No matter what you do
Love will find you

One of you sees that love's a long lost friend
One of you can't recognize her face
One of you runs to her with open arms
One of you falls down is disgrace

You may see a million different gateways home
You may think there's only one way through
You may be waiting for the kingdom to come
You may believe it's in you

No matter what you do
Love will find you
Day 14 of 30: 2.5 miles
April Total: 29.53
2011 Total: 183.52

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Tashia said...

Oh I just needed a dose of this today Karin! Doubly great that it is Chris & johnny!