Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blinding them with grammar

I'm not going to go back and pull up entries to prove it, but I have written plenty o' times in this space about men who whose main reason for saying hi to me online is to get me to confirm the utter fabulousness of their manhood.

(Verbally, physically, or otherwise. Usually younger than 23 years old and from Ithaca or Buffalo or, most recently, Guelph, Ontario.)

Wearying of such attention but wanting to remain relatively provocative, back in December I reworded the critical final section of my OKC profile, erasing references to my cynical nature and replacing with:

You should message me if .... You have yet to convince yourself that the coolest thing ever would be to tell me ad nauseum about your genitalia.

So last night I was talking for the first time in awhile with Young Scientist, who himself recently went back to OKC after a break. I was in the midst of telling him about a guy I once chatted with who, while not otherwise a poor conversationalist, would suddenly break into wanting to talk about said genitalia (which, incidentally, he seems quite proud of for reasons of size):
Young Scientist: wait a sec
YS: i just read your profile
YS: and the bottom part
YS: is a reference to big dick dude?
Karin: Not exclusively. You would not BELIEVE how many 20-22 year old guys write wanting to talk dirty with me.
K: I'm trying to stem the tide. Do I sound witty enough saying it?
YS: well it sounds like you just don't want to talk about genitalia
YS: and that's not a comment on talking dirty
YS: it sounds grammatically difficult
K: :-) Hence
K: maybe the boneheads will stay away.
YS: hahaha
Never thought of it quite that way. One could hope.

(And, furthermore, is the fact that a med student asked me out proof that non-boneheads appreciate my over-literariness?)


Anonymous said...

Hi piano lady,
Sounds like you have a rough life. Maybe you need a change of scenery... like ND or Utah or Malaysia.
Just checking to see what kind of progress anybody has made with that nice Lutheran single I once mentioned to you... you know that man in NC.
BTW, now I haveo type in phearina to be able to send this to you. What is a phearina or do I have to go to the dictionary? Love from D&R

Karin said...


....hmmm, have you asked nice NC man why he never wrote ME? :-)


Anonymous said...

I guess I will have to put that task on my "to do" list. BTW, do me a favor and hope for an early spring.
We are barely surviving...but at least tomorrow is the beginning of the short month.. Love D&R

Now I have to type in squan whatever that is.