Sunday, December 6, 2009

Start of the season

I was running over the ice-covered streets o' Southie this morning, iPod set to the newly-loaded Christmas-themed mix, when this twirpy little Sufjan Stevens tune popped up:
Put the lights on the tree
(put them on the tree, put them on the tree)

Put the ribbon on the wreath
(put it on the wreath, put it on the wreath)

And call your Grandma on the phone
(call her on the phone, call her on the phone)

If she's living all alone
(living all alone, living all alone)

Tell her Jesus Christ is here
(tell her he is here, tell her he is here)

Tell her she has none to fear
(there is none to fear, there is none to fear)

If she's crying on the phone
(crying on the phone, crying on the phone)

Tell her you are coming home
(you are coming home, you are coming home)
If anyone has a theory as to why it is the most unlikely of holiday songs that will make me cry out loud on the street .... do share.

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