Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Firsts

.... first day the Mazda 626 will have a bonafide, legal South Boston Resident Parking Permit Sticker.

.... first day of Facebook life after getting over the incredulity that my 67-y-old father, who doesn't even have his own e-mail account, has friend-requested me and, now that I've accepted said friendship, have to think twice about any future status updates.

.... first day wearing the BCBG Paris Braden Platform Leather Mary Janes I scored at DSW in my first (yes, first) shopping spree of 2009 a few days ago. Which was also the first time I have willingly entered a department store on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

.... first date tonight (beers and eats in Harvard Square) with the first guy who, responding in a discussion of my 5'2" stature, said, "Don't feel the need to wear heels. I like short girls."


Jen said...

My 61 year old Dad is on Facebook also. He responds to my statuses, links, etc. It drives my sister crazy.

Random Blog Reader said...

You could adjust the privacy settings for your dad so he can't read your status updates. My mom was disappointed at first when I did the same to her, but she understands why I did it (and I tell her most of the information in my status updates anyway).

Anonymous said...

@Karin. 5'2"? Height and size don't matter.

singinflute said...

LOVE the shoes! :)