Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Need for Speed(o) IV: Distressed Garment(s)

You know how some days you just got nothin'?

Today, I got nothin'.

The adjective to best describe current state: Drained.

(Like the stack of turkey-leftover soup pots in my kitchen sink are not.)

That said, it occurred to me with all this talk of squats and lunges and abdominal discipline and fundraising to get ready for the Santa Speedo Run, I have many times intimated what it was I was planning to wear. However, I really have no idea what I'm going to wear. All I know is:

1) It needs to be cherry red.
2) It needs to be runnable.
3) It needs to be mildly tasteful.
4) It needs to smack of heedless Christmas cheer.

(What the hell? This is going to be more of a challenge than sucking in my stomach.)

I went down the street a few days ago to my favorite running attire store, City Sports, for inspiration and discovered that they have everything in pink and nothing in red. Meaning my inspiration has been curbed ..... and, being Drained and all, the thought of a massive www search is beyond me today.

Are any of y'all willing to pass on suggestions that meet my criteria?


k. mead said...

baywatch version

full piece

two piece

Random Blog Reader said...

Under Armour has red skorts and tops, so you can mix and match. Or how about a tennis dress?

Karin said...

Ah, ladies. Thank you!

I think I like the idea of baywatch version (sexy one-piece rather than too much flesh) seconded by the skort. ;-)

Mike said...

I waited until the last minute to go hunting for a red Speedo last year. After visiting about 50 sporting goods stores, I finally had to settle for a black Speedo. Who would have guessed that red Speedos would be so hard to come by in Boston... in December. Oh well. A joyous time was had regardless.

Karin said...

@Mike -- that's how I figured that event worked....when you have a 2-hour beer-drinking warm-up, joy will always be had, no matter the speedo color...