Monday, December 22, 2008

BBC 2: Hooray, snow (3).

Yesterday I hit up Macy's for their very last pair of Sperry Top-Siders.

Life is, simply, better. (And no longer soggy.)

I've got folks coming over tonight for homemade chili and wine. Naturally, at 8 p.m. last night while cooking I discovered I needed more onions. Thus, an emergency run to Stop-and-Shop.

So I pulled on the new boots and jogged out through puddles, the monster slush pile on the corner of H Street, and then the monster slush pile on the corner of I Street. I was invincible. On Broadway, it was up to the sidewalk, by necessity. I started a little slide/dance on the icy crust thereupon, when a voice in front of me called out:
"Those are most awesome snow boots I've ever seen!"
It was man just outside The Playwright. Forty-something. As burly as a bouncer. (Maybe the bouncer himself?) No coat. Out for a cigarette break, and evidently, the fashion parade.

"Thanks, man. They ARE awesome!" I replied, skating up to him and sliding past with arms flailing.

"What do you call that pattern, anyway? So cool!"

"Paisley, I think. I love them because I can just walk through all of this crap and have dry feet!"

"Whatever they are, they are AWESOME!"
he called after me.
Totally agreed.


Bartels Family said...

Hey Karin! Love reading your posts and I agree, those boots DO look awesome, enjoy! Are you staying in Boston for the holidays or traveling to MN? Susie

Justin said...

VERY awesome.: )

Karin said...

@Susie - It's Minneapolis for 6 days, baby....I'll probably be cruising past your hood!

Have a fun one with the family.