Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mild vindication

It wasn't yet officially summer the last time I saw (and kissed) or spoke to C-2. We've exchanged a couple brief e-mails and texts since then, pertaining to Guinness consumption and progressively Democratic political campaigns, but even those have ceased. Our day-to-day, mid-night exhortations from a past life are long gone. I've gotten fine with this fact. Which is why I was surprised Wednesday when:
(2:53 AM) C-2: mornin'
Which took me until that evening, after 3 glasses of white wine, to notice and respond with:
(10:12 PM) Karin: I missed your hello. How are you?

(10:29 PM) C-2: Hey, I'm good. Moving again. Wanna help?? :)
You of course recall what I helped him with 6 months ago was to move a thousand miles away, after which I cried for a week. As a Facebook friend, I have since seen in more detail that the move he's making is not back to here.
(10:38 PM) K: You know me. A couple shots of whiskey, a plane ticket, and I'm good for whatever. ;-) Good that you're good.

(12:57 AM) C-2: That's one of your more endearing qualities! :)
I'm glad C-2 wrote, because I thought we had trailed off for good. Which would have been OK, and is still OK. But to be the egotist I am, sometimes it's good to know someone I once cared about thinks about me with something akin to fondness.

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BK Vixen Gone MD said...

As my mom has alway told me, in which I found to be true....they always circle back even if its just to say hi--it can't help but leave a small feeling of satisfaction :)