Thursday, September 8, 2011

Laugh. (Because, what else?)

This is how my day started:
1)  Get up extra early for a dentist appointment before work.

2)  Drive (instead of preferred bike) to dentist because of buckets'o'rain falling from the sky.

3)  Encounter standstill traffic (because of the early hour and the buckets'o'rain) to get on 93N, to get on Storrow Drive from 93N, and to get off Storrow Drive.

4)  Pay for meter directly in front of dentist office, due to being 15 minutes late due to standstill traffic.

5)  Apologize profusely to front desk staff for being 15 minutes late.

6)  Discover appointment was actually yesterday.

7)  Apologize profusely to hygienist, reschedule for her next available (November 15).

8)  Hear front desk staff mock (yes! they did!) my profuse apologies as I head out, 2 minutes later, with wet head from previous downpour, to collect car from the meter spot paid for an hour.

9)  Park car in more convenient location, walk 4 blocks to work, only to enjoy the continuing downpour while waiting a full minute to cross the St. James/Clarendon wind tunnel.

10) Sit at desk in air-conditioned comfort with wet legs, wet socks, wet head and potential tooth decay.
Later in the morning (to the great benefit of me and anyone else who was going to have to deal with my brilliant mood today) I came across a humor blog called Happy Place, which had just updated its ongoing list of "Brilliantly Sarcastic Responses to Well-Meaning Signs."  Here are 2 of many:

Which made me do that thing at work we all do, which is wanting to laugh uproariously and realizing there are very few things happening in work life that seriously warrant laughing uproariously .... so I can't, because I would give away the fact that I am looking at something inappropriate .... and then trying to stifle my laughter, which in turn makes me start snorting and gasping and, generally, making worse noise than I would have if just f#$%ing LOL'd.

Man.  That felt good. 

Wanting to share the good vibe and the belly laugh, I e-mailed the link to a friend.  He, in turn, shared a link back, this one to The Oatmeal and more specifically, "What we SHOULD have been taught in our senior year of high school".  Here's one of the panels:

This time, I just LOL'd. 

(Thank you very much.)

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