Monday, September 19, 2011

It's lunchtime on Monday ....

... and I can't focus for s***.

It's the truth, and a common one for the Monday after a 3.5-day weekend.

One thought pulling my brain in directions it shouldn't go:  that I haven't blogged since Thursday and don't foresee the focus to do so anytime soon.

Thusly, I've decided reconcile the truth and the dilemma by spitting out a list of random thoughts, like:

1) Just finished today's Lunch of Champions:  peach Chobani Greek yogurt mixed with raw oatmeal, followed by baby carrots dipped in Jif

2) I am now officially hungry all the time (thanks, marathon training). Already trying to not think about what to have for a snack and when to have it.

3) My quadriceps are still demolished from the combination of driving the 15-person van (too much accelerator pressing?), the brisk cold, and the 20 miles of  Legs 10, 21 and 32 during Reach the Beach through rural New Hampshire Friday and Saturday.

4) I still wish I had gotten a photo at 6:25 Saturday morning around mile 5.5 of Leg 21 on Stage Road outside of Gilmanton when, following a taxing 500-foot elevation climb past cows and farms and frost-covered grasses, the sun came over the horizon to light the misty mountains and valleys like an Ansel Adams print, as if a reward for putting myself through hell first.

5)  Being tired and sore this morning, it's a relief to see the President playing a bit of hardball on tax increases so I don't have to be cranky about intransigent Republicans, as well.

6) Can I convey that if hamstrings and quadriceps could speak, they would tell me that they simply cannot wait for a power yoga class at 7 p.m. .... Monday, move faster please!

7)  I wiped down the shelves in my refrigerator last night for the first time in 5 years. They were gross; now they are not. That is all.

8) Did I tell y'all the the Man from San Francisco is coming to visit?  That he'll be here for 8 days starting on Saturday?  Guess I'm telling you now.  I strongly suggest he and I are both looking forward to it.

9) It seems to be autumn now in these parts.  Bring it.

10) How did I let 2 years pass in forgetting that WERS radio streams live online and is the perfect get-back-to-work-on-Monday-when-rather-would-be-doing-just-about-anything-else music soundtrack?  Rock on. 

(And work on ..... )

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Joshua said...

SF man, eh? Just visiting you? Will I get to meet him? (Obviously, I'm catching up on old blog posts today.)