Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eleven-o'clock run...

... on a Sunday night
of a 3-day weekend
at the start
of a new (school) year,
through the streets
of the downtown
of a college town,


a cool breeze and
no homework yet,
the pure smell of hormones
and too many girls
waiting in line at
too many bars
and looking
too young
to be facing down
bouncers that big
and wearing
heels that high.

And brother,
do I feel old.


BK Vixen Gone MD said...

You are only as old as you think you are and you seem pretty young at heart to me. Have a great labor day!!!!!

Audrey said...

It's hard to believe we were so young when we came here, huh? I didn't feel like I looked as young as college kids do now... And I don't feel like I look like the people I met who were 35 when I was 21, either, but I probably do! (A complicated sentence but it defies my capabilities to rephrase after a couple glasses of wine...)
Of course, I never felt like Beth was so much older! Young at heart does make a difference. And as jaded as you may be re: dating, you do seem young at heart to me.