Thursday, July 14, 2011

(True) public service

It's such a beautiful morning here:  breezy, sunny and blue, like an advertisement for a Triple A travel destination photo.

So, seems pointless to fuss about what makes my blood pressure rise today .... stubborn politicians being out-of-touch jackasses with little regard for anything but ideology.  I don't remember feeling this sincerely riled up about policy since Donald Rumsfeld was a daily news fixture. To wit, this exchange on Facebook yesterday with my former roommate, Tim:
Karin's Status: Oh, you congressional Republicans. Intransigence is always so sexy.

Tim's 1st Reply: Karin sending me running for a dictionary is always so sexy.

Tim's 2nd Reply: LOL and I am being sincere.

Karin's 1st Reply: Tim, why can't you be straight and rich?

Tim's Retort: I would be a republican and you would despise me. :-)

Karin's Sigh: I want to like Republicans. I really do. They just make it so difficult....

Tim's Affirmation: They sure do!
As a citizen watching our country in peril on a sunny Thursday morning, there's nothing I can do to effect the situation but gripe .... which, from my office chair in Boston, is hardly going to make Eric Cantor back down.

In the interest of things I can control ... let me reintroduce y'all to Storyhill -- a guitar duo from Montana, on my radar since 1996 when my sister sent me a mix tape.  Since then, I forever associate their sound with road trips, Minnesota corn fields, feeling relaxed and good.  I own their albums, met them at my 10-year college reunion (see below), saw them not once but twice at Club Passim in Cambridge, listen to something from them weekly.  They're still playing together.  They're possibly the nicest guys alive.

(Really. Their website says they just embarked on "A Prairie Home Companion's" cruise of Nova Scotia. What could be nicer than that?)

2005 ... with Chris and Johnny 
at the Plains Art Museum, Fargo ND

Yesterday, biking,  "Room In My Heart" showed up in the iPod rotation.  In my new quest for positivity, I noticed that the lyrics could apply to how a girl could choose to feel about a guy she once loved, and how not every current thought has to be a resentful one.  

Nice work guys, again.

Room In My Heart
There was a time I'd do anything for you
If your roses went blue I made them red
It's not that they're dead, but those flowers don't bloom
It's just empty wands instead

You should know wherever you go
If you're lost in the crowd
Or you're happy alone
You have my attention whatever I can do
There will always be room in my heart for you

Remember that day the moon blocked the sun
And we danced all around the backyard
Playing our past on the radio
Total Eclipse of the Heart

You should know wherever you go
If your head's in the clouds
Or you're stuck on the ground
You have my commitment whatever I can do
There will always be room in my heart for you
You should know wherever you go
I'll be waiting here

You know how they say the more things change
The more some things stay the same
Things around here got perfectly clear
The minute you went your own way

You should know wherever you go
Anytime of the day, any reason at all
You have my word whatever I can do
There will always be room in my heart
You should know wherever you go
There will always be room in my heart for you

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