Friday, July 22, 2011

Away (hurray)...

... to see this little bugger and his brother 
and his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents 
in a Minneapolis-land that has (amazingly) been a hotter place this week 
than the 90s we've been boasting about.

Aunt Karin -- 38.3 and silly.
Oliver -- 8 months, now w/teeth instead of teething ring.

There'll be tales to tell, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time back in 'sota with family. Always a welcome relief from the daily grind.

I was actually back on the native turf from July 8-18. Grilled out with some buddies in Blaine on July 10. Pretty much unbearable with the humidity. And, that was before the real heat wave arrived around July 14! After that, I pretty much didn't even go outside.

After having spend 12 of the past 15 years in Colorado (the other three in Misery), I'm just not used to that close, heavy air anymore!

Enjoy your trip! Relax and let your cares slip away. . .

klk said...

How long are you in Minnesota? Girl, you should let us Minnesotans know in advance you are coming because we would love to see you! (Other than surprise visits at Ken's workplace.) Hope you are having fun and if you are here for more than the weekend, call us! It would be so fun to see you!