Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday in Central

Hangin' at The Middle East, corner of Brookline and Mass Ave in Cambridge.

Late brunch choice: fool m'dammas, falafel and beef skewer for 7 bucks.
Weather:  79 and hazy outside, blissfully non-air-conditioned and dusky inside.
Best place to: sit and try to forget that an 8-mile training run in 79-and-hazy awaits.
Questionable soundtrack choice:  The Ronettes' "Frosty the Snowman."
Vibe: tattoed, fishnetted, vintage t-shirted, dog-friendly, Christmas-lighted.
Quality-ranking of people-watching out picture windows: Newbury Street doesn't hold a candle to Central Square.
Note to self:  belly-dancing offered here later tonight.  
2nd note to self:  why are there not more people here?
3rd note to self:  awesome there are not more people here.
Soundtrack (vast) improvement to: Nirvana, "MTV Unplugged in NY." From 1994. Best. Album. Ever.
Weather update: downpouring.
Quality-ranking of people-watching-out-picture window update: exponentially higher now that it's downpouring.
Sigh:    4-mile bike ride home and 8-mile training run still await.
Yet:  can't remember last time feeling this chilled-out.
4th note to self: come here more often.
And: post Kurt Cobain singing his acoustic cover of Lead Belly's version of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night," what he is singing right now, which is the best-ever depressing song that makes me happy ... for whatever reason that may be.


Heidi said...

yay for chill days! it was a very chill day in Chicago today too. I miss the Middle East, I used to love it there when I lived in Boston.

Karin said...

@Heidi. With the heat we've been (and you've been having), congrats on the chill. I'm not a huge fan of the Boston-4th tourists, but living in Southie (as a hood) has its benefits.....the locals clear out and the tourists don't visit. (And same goes for Central Sq., it seems.) Quiet streets, at least in part of the city, is nice.