Friday, July 15, 2011


A few moments ago, a 37-y-o Available Man (i.e. attached but looking) from OKC wrote to say
"Hey Hun... :) Wanna check out a swingers party tonight?"
I probably won't write him back to explain that my schedule tonight is already full up with grocery shopping, making salsa and sangria and scrubbing the fridge. And I'm trying to get over going out (or making out) with Available Men.

It did, however, remind me of the movie Swingers, from 1996, about a pack of single dudes trying to find love among the "east side" of L.A. Written by my hero Jon Favreau, who spends the duration trying to move on from an ex-girlfriend, and co-starring Vince Vaughn (doing his best imitation of a tool) when his cheekbones were still visible. First watched with Joshua one of my first years in Boston. Eminently quotable; YouTube is overrun with people's posts of their "favorite scenes," almost so that you can almost reconstruct the movie if you surf long enough.

I thought about doing that, but instead am pasting the 2 I found hit my spot this afternoon. The first one, serious, featuring Favreau and his buddy (Ron Livingston), who's trying to help pull him out of his funk:
"You gotta let go of the past and Mikey, when you do, I'm telling you, the future is beautiful."

Then the closing, when Vaughn interrupts his friend's good news (he eventually gets over the ex!) to make contact with a woman across the diner he's convinced his hitting on him.

Enjoy the weekend.

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