Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a couple girls, cross-posting

From today's
"I was on my friend Bella’s radio show this [Sunday] evening and also met up with a new friend, who I met through my blog. Southie Single, as she is known, is awesome. Witty, attractive, intelligent, a great catch in a city full of douche bags. So, she and I decided to meet for a drink and commiserate over our dating woes."
"... so, here we are, sitting at this tiny bar in this tiny bistro in a quiet neighborhood of affluent bitchiness ... "
Student Driver has read my blog for several months. But only because I visited hers and linked it to my reading list, which caused her to stop over here to see where the traffic was coming from. The only reason I started reading hers in the first place was when this man, from OKC, mentioned it in a chat I long ago deleted.

This being the super big town it is and all, it was a man whom she, naturally, knows by name and still talks to, as she explained as we downed delicious and potent cocktails in said tiny bar.

Student Driver and I couldn't be more different and yet quite similar. She's got me beat in chutzpah, conversation-starting, leg warmers, and locating creative boyfriend gifts on e-Bay. I can top her with the sheer number of different men I've dated in the last year. But we're about the same height. We use the same bank. We've got about the same level of openness to whatever-the-hell .... although her anonymity allows her the freedom to explain her sex life in much greater detail. We both like to talk, generally. Our evening started at 4:30 and ended at midnight and included one stop at Macy's to shop for hats and another at her friend's online radio show to talk about our dating blogs.  On the air.  Where I told a story from 6 years ago involving an ill-advised porn video shown by a man (or more accurately, "douchebag") whom .... she also had almost dated. And remembered by name.

Of course. Since this is such a super big town.

So I stayed up a bit too late and drank exactly enough, but talked a bit too much and, as a result, am starting to once again lose my lost voice only recently recovered. Which means I'm going to sleep now....

... and means you need to stop over to Student Driver's blog and read her fuller account of the evening, douchebags and all.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I might have you beat on how many men I went on dates with this year too, especially if you average it out. Plus, considering that I stopped seeing everyone but Type Geek in July, my 1st half of 2010 was pretty impressive. ;)

Karin said...

@LTDS Next time we hang out, I'll have an exact number and we can compare notes ;-)