Monday, December 13, 2010

Comfortably neutral


I was riding the T up to Cambridge after work tonight and found myself trying to put a pin on my emotions these last 2 weeks.

A period that included birth of nephew.  Preparing and singing a concert of Praetorius Advent tunes.  One friend's divine birthday celebration at Bin 26 on Charles.  A massage.  A visit from a high school friend and her introducing me (instead of vice versa) to Giancomo's on Hanover.  Radio and face time with Student Driver.  Sushi and Belgian Ale with Claudia.  Running and chocolate stout with Bill.   Way too much Grey Goose with all the gay boys at a seriously happening benefit on a Sunday.

Sunday-night Man even (finally) e-mailed tonight after 2 weeks of sick and busy.  Said he's been thinking a lot about me and my black leather knee boots with the 4-inch heels.


All I can feel is numb.  Not negative.  Not elated.  Neutral as in beige.  As in the gearshift position between R & D. As in a dull knife edge ... cutting things, but not very well.

(Case in point: it has taken me nearly 2 hours to write this blog entry. Maybe because I don't have enough strong feeling about anything today that warrants writing about.)

This happens from time to time and even with experience, I'm stymied about how to jumpstart ye olde joy-o-meter.  Even Vitamin B-laced coffee drinks are not helping.

Suggestions are welcome.

(And thanks for sticking me through the drought.)

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