Friday, December 10, 2010


Riding the #9 up East Berkeley today, I watched as, 3 times, a man heading the same direction on foot leapfrogged the bus whenever we slowed for stoplights.

He was reedy and tall in tights, hat and a windbreaker, Camelbak strapped on.  Sprinting with the ease of a professional.  Giving a proverbial f***-off to this morning's temperatures.  Going faster than the bus.

I doubt he was giving a f***-off to me or anyone else, sitting warm and sedentary, observing.  He was keeping up with his training.

But I couldn't help but take it personally .... the girl who has run 2 times in the last 19 days ..... who looks at a person displaying chutzpah and boldness and perserverance towards a goal and remembers vaguely what it feels like to do that, but only vaguely.

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