Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bikini Challenge BV: Inching

So you know that yoga and me are pretty tight.  So are running and me, at  least (knock on wood) for the this brief and unusual period in which nothing on my body hurts when I do it.

I'm grateful for these solid relationships, which allowed  last night's weigh-in to continue inching in the right direction.
May 4 Poundage: CXXXVII
June 9 Poundage: CXXIX
June 16 Poundage: CXXVII
June 20 Goal Poundage: CXXV
(Poundage to go:  II ..... in addition to the pound of candy I may very well inhale.)
Alright.  Let me explain ... which means I must reintroduce you to my dear sister Kristin.  A caring girl who is the queen of Complimentary Vacation Care Packages.  Usually including snacks for the road. A fun t-shirt.  Book of crossword puzzles.

Last night I got home -- feeling all buff from yoga and the hill-climbing machine and grocery shopping --  to discover a padded envelope in the mail pile. Suspiciously lumpy. When lifted, shape of crossword puzzle book apparent.  Telltale sound of smooth candy coatings clacking against one another.

Yes.  On the last 4 days of diet and work before vacation and just getting ready for vacation, period,  I let a pounder bag of Reeses Pieces into the apartment.

I tried to forestall the inevitable by putting it in the freezer behind a bag of chicken breasts and unloading my other frozen groceries in front of that.  This helped for 5 minutes.  After which I moved the chicken breasts out of the way, broke the seal, and helped myself to 4 man-sized handfuls.

Oh well.  Either I need to a) see a counselor for impulsive and compulsive eating habits; b) admit that willpower is one of my weaker traits;  c) hope that the bikini I ordered from Victoria's Secret gets lost in the mail before Sunday; or d) need to just be OK weighing 127 pounds.

Kristin:  I love you and thank you ... you evil chick ...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you look fab. Just enjoy your upcoming vacation and enjoy life. Us single girls tend to overthink. It is a difficult journey to maintain a relationship, perfect weieght, and a marrige/child/career. However, in my my mind it it is much more difficult to sucseffuly live a happy lifestyleye all on your on. Congrats to you. Please appreciate Karin and enjoy and I will continue to follow you. Sometimes it is tough but if you can take care of you and win that is something to be said. Despite the fact we would all like to come home to a familar hug.....

ECS said...

have you seen the pictures of how Budapest looks right now? Looks like you might have more use for that bikini than usual, given how high the Danube is...

Anonymous said...

Forget the bikini - just wear sunscreen and a smile. See what comes of it. Try not to focus so much on the number...just the health and fun of the exercise.