Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's not been a good "focused" week in my world.

I've struggled to not eat peanut butter. Struggled to want to run when it's humid. Struggled to get to bed before 1. Struggled to practice the piano.  Struggled to plan for my vacation that starts a week from Monday.  Struggled to remember my house keys when I leave the apartment and have to call my landlord at 9:30 p.m. on a Thursday, pulling him from the Celtics game.

(That was yesterday.)

On the flip side, the lack of relative focus has been a boon on my dating life.  Because when I'm not focused, I'm more likely to browse OKCupid.  The more I browse OKC, the more IM chats I get in.  Because of this ... I'm meeting more interesting people who seem to be able to talk me into dates that I would normally turn left from.

(Either I'm sincerely unfocused.  Or sincerely open-minded.  Like to think the latter.)

For example, last night: I ended up at Stella (ultra-swank, ultra kiss-kiss, ultra SoWa) with a 30-y-old marketing representative .... from San Francisco.  With the brain of a salesman and the body of a competitive soccer player. In town for an overnight.  Wanted to meet someone.  He met me, bought me a Bloody Mary. And we talked our respective shops.

Never see him again, most likely  .... but, it was a night out, and I got a free drink and some (seriously) free career advice.

Then, take this morning.  I'm rising from bed about 5 hours from now to drive out to Logan and pick up a person who lives here, just returning from a business trip on the red-eye.  We just started chatting this morning. Dynamism central.  By the end of an hour, he had offered to buy me breakfast tomorrow if I would save him from having to take a cab home.  So I'm doing it.  At 6:30 on my Saturday (now non-) sleep-in.

But I'm looking forward to it.  Because who asks that?  It was so out there I had to say yes.  (And who says yes?)  And I get, yet again, something out of it --  not including the possibility that if we hit it off in person .....

Remind me to be more open-minded more often.


Anonymous said...

All for open-mindedness, but getting in a car with a man you've never met boarders on risky behavior (even if you are the one driving the car).

Karin said...

@anon. True. Although taxi drivers do it 30 times a day.