Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vacation Journal III: Running

The degree to which I am no longer observing my diet is stark.  Bread, cheese and sausage at every meal.  Pasta with cream soup.  5L mugs of beer.  Homemade pear cake with post-breakfast coffee ... after eating apple pastries, and only apple pastries with cappuccino, for breakfast.

Oy.  Glad I made some room in my stomach before coming here. 

The upside of this is my host's family has an energetic Golden Labrador puppy, Baucksy, who needs to run, run, run with his adolescent's energy.   And we run about the same tempo.  So for the past 3 mornings we have jogged together along the bike path to the next village and back.  He gets easily hung up on chasing butterflies and drinking from puddles and jumping in the river.

But we keep each other honest.  Baucksy gets to show me the countryside.  And I get to burn a couple hundred calories'-worth of breakfast.

Baucksy on the road south of Göd - June 26

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