Thursday, June 10, 2010

Expected and unexpected

Since I already told you I was a bad girl on the diet this week, you won't be surprised to hear that (even with a sauna on top of the cardio and sweaty yoga yesterday before weigh-in) the scale did not go down this week.  In fact:
May 4 Poundage: CXXXVII
June 2 Poundage: CXXVIII
June 9 Poundage: CXXIX
June 20 Goal Poundage: CXXI
(Poundage to go: what the hell...but it's more than what it was this time last week....)
Eh.  Why is it always this point in a routine -- the point of good progress but not quite the desired progress --  that the desire to stick with it is so ..... elusive? 

So:  losing 8 pounds in 2 weeks when I've rediscovered the joys of heavy cream in my coffee is ... (Not necessary? Probably? Definitely?  Back me up on this? Please?)  But I would like to lose 4 more pounds in 2 weeks to get to the nice, even 125.  And I think I can if I re-choose to track Weight Watchers food and exercise points for the next week.  Going up instead of down is what happens when I don't.

So, then:
June 20 Revised Goal Poundage: CV
(Poundage to go: now officially less than last week. Hooray!)
And enough of that navel-gazing (literally).

Last night I received an IM request from a man I've seen tooling around OKC -- occasionally on my profile -- for most of my 16-month affiliation.  We e-mailed each other sometime in 2009 but it didn't pan out.  He viewed my profile enough that his photo was familiar; upon checking his, I recalled too that his profile had salient details regarding music and running and being clever.

So last night without preclude, we messaged about the difficulty of dating in such a technological age.  After about 10 minutes of this, I called the spade a spade:
Karin:   So we've not been introduced.
Mr. Relatively Elusive:  I think we may have chatted once before

Karin:  Yes. Or at least e-mailed.  You look familiar. Why so philosophical this evening?
Mr. RE:  I'm having one of those nights. and I often see you online when I'm online
K:  One of those nights?
Mr. RE:  I feel an unrequited camaraderie with you
K:  Well, in all my time on this website you are the first to use that phrase. "unrequited camaraderie"
Mr. RE:  that has a nice ring
Mr. RE:  and I'm sure you've heard quite a bit on here
K:  why is it unrequited?
Mr. RE:  Oh. 
Mr. RE:  In full disclosure, and at the risk of making this weird.
K:  Oh?
Mr. RE:  (wait for it)
K:  You're my lost long brother?
Mr. RE:  I know of your blog too.  and love it.
K:  No kidding. Which came first?
Mr. RE:  I forget. yeah. i can't remember.
Unexpected, both that he wrote, and that he knows the blog.  Which means he will probably read this entry also. Which means he should know I will probably write about him and won't, resultingly, go running, screaming.  Especially since we went on to talk about how we should meet each other after our respective upcoming vacations, which makes sense based on our shared proclivities, relative proximity, relative age range, etc., etc., etc.


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