Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blogolioquy: boston!

Dear friendly blog readers:

I have a friend named Justin

He's a little crazy, but I love him.
(And I know he thinks exactly the same of me.)

Justin runs a theatre company
and likes to produce performance opportunities and experiences. 

it is my solemn duty to inform you that
he is producing a show about blogs in Boston.  

He has excerpted work from 6 local blogs,
woven them together into acts,
and is directing a group of actors on stage to read them.

Because I have this friend named Justin who is does all this,
this blog is part of this production:

Wednesday, April 4 through Saturday, April 7 - 7:30 p.m.
 Plaza Black Box Theatre at
Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont Street
Blog awesomeness. 
Ticket info TBD

Stay tuned for more details.
You won't want to miss them.

Best regards,

1 comment:

Irene said...


I'm Irene.

I'm another blogger on the show! Mine's Formula457... want to be blog friends?!

I like yous very much.