Monday, March 5, 2012

On behalf of Single (in both the city and everywhere else) Women ...

.... it is my duty to join the chorus of folks lambasting Rush Limbaugh today and calling for someone with some decency to shut him down.

What an indefensible, misogynistic douchebag. 

I don't want to hear he should be defended because other men in public positions are also misogynistic and haven't been called out.   Is hate speech a tit-for-tat contest?  Calling women who fight for insurance to cover birth control are sluts and prostitutes who should videotape and share their sexual experiences for the "paying public"?  In the same breath lamenting the failure of family values?  Those phrases stand on their own. This is not political. This is hateful.

I'm thrilled that he has almost no political support.

Thrilled that even conservative commentators can't justify him.

Thrilled that he's being boycotted.

Thrilled that even his transparent apology to stop his ad-sponsor bleed is impressing few.

Including me.  I just signed this.  And it feels good.

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exparkrangerguy said...

How people have put up with his vitriol for all these years is beyond me. Oh yeah, I forgot. It is just entertainment. A sad commentary on our current society.

Do you know where Rush if from? I actually lived about 60 miles from Cape Girardeau in Missouri for a few years. They proclaimed in some of their marketing material, "The home of Rush Limbaugh and proud of it". Needless to say, I didn't do any of my shopping there after learning of that. . .