Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still breathing .... kinda.

Can't quite figure out why, these last 4 or 5 days, my energy level is in the toilet.  Brainstorming if its the malaise-inducing weather, or if it's because I gave up playing Tetris for Lent, or if it's because I also gave up chocolate and drinking Starbucks for Lent, and that's just a massive amount of sugar and caffeine that my body is no longer benefitting from. 

That, and there have been trying situations at work ... not new to have trying situations at work, but new situations that are trying different levels of patience and coping.

(Sigh.  Thanks for your patience as I navigate this weird little week, not really wanting to write anything other than a Facebook status update.)

But I did mean to tell y'all that that friendly Outlook e-mail reminder ("Patience.  Deep Breaths.  Self-Awareness.") I set up last week is still getting a good workout.  As in I still refresh it on the half-hour and I swear I indeed regularly remember to also:
"…..take a big drink of water. :-)

And.  Smile."
The week being what it has been, I've found myself adding lines at key moments to fit situations.  On Wednesday, a particularly tough day, I was filling MSF in on this motivational reminder -- to which he replied, "Could you add, "[MSF] sends a [:nurffle:]" to the 4:30p one?"

So I did, and its still there; now I'm getting a [:nurffle:] every half hour. Today, again a bit overwhelmed, I added more:
"And.  Rise above. In work, in play, in life.  You can. This is the moment you’re going to pull it together."
Very grateful that in a life where sometimes control seems out of reach .... it's so very good to just keep breathing.

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