Saturday, January 7, 2012

(Unedited and unordered) notes from the first Saturday of the year

9:15 a.m. It's spring out, I swear.  Lying here under the covers, I can see the sun streaming in.  No better reason, then, to hit the snooze and roll back over every 10 minutes between 9:30 and 12:45 p.m., listening to normal people go about their business on the street outside.

Breakfast at 2:30 p.m. is possibly latest ever. Can it still be called breakfast?

Sunny and 50ish all day. Most spent in pajamas and cardigan, listening to Allison Krauss, sitting cross-legged on bed and websurfing. Did get out for the 9-mile run I'd planned the dark of 5 p.m. Obviously body is fooled into thinking such spring weather should portend later sunsets.

Think carpal tunnel syndrome developing in right thumb from the angle of sitting at my computer cross legged on my bed and and how my hand works the touch mouse. Shift angle?  Shift to roll mouse? Start paying for wireless so I don't have to hunch over my computer on the right-hand corner of my bed for best signal? Do something besides be on computer?

Also:  Sore thumb makes it impossible to think about what I wanted to do today ....which was to practice the piano for 2 hours.  Hah!

Read every commentary in the Times about the Republican presidential primaries in NH later this week. Recalled 4 years ago on this Saturday, I had trudged through the snow and cold up to Davis Square, to a windowless office, to phone bank NH residents into voting for Barack Obama.

(Wow. Mitt Romney's sons are hot.)

My cats really are capable of sleeping without waking for an entire afternoon.

Original plan:  today is the day I planned to turn down my heat and pull the flannel bedsheets out of mothballs. New plan: to turn down my heat.

Love the inevitability of people's Facebook-post reactions to unseasonable weather.   January of last year, with its 40 inches of snow and 3 major blizzards:  "Yeah, there's such a thing as global warming, right."   Today, with its April-style warmth that caused tree buds to pop:  "Yeah, if there is such a thing as global warming, I'm all for it!"

Kinda want to go see my pianist friend Rusty play with his band up at a bar in Union Square tonight.  Yet, I haven't yet spoken out loud today and frankly, don't have a huge desire to do so.  Can I achieve ordering a beer with hand signals and a wink? 

Know there is such a thing as lazy.  And this is lazy.

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