Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To the coast.....

....the west coast that is. 

Tomorrow morning I'm in-air, enroute to spend 5 days with MSF on his turf; we've a Google doc list full of the things we plan to see and do .... shows, drinks, burritos, walks, drives.    I'll also get face time with cousins I don't get face time with often enough, who live just down the street from MSF.   And early next week I'm flying from San Francisco to Minnesota .... my dad turns 70 on Tuesday, we're doing family time.

Can't say much more at the moment, mired as I am in the desk-clearing that necessarily precludes 6 days out of the office during the busy season.   And then there's the packing, the cat-sitting arrangements, the rent check mailing, the why-is-it-so-taxing-to-get-ready-for-vacation-mundane-tasks-that-are-always-there-despite-best-efforts-and-intentions.

But despite the genial snowlessness, it has been a long January.  I'm exhausted and ready for my MSF face time and a view of the Pacific.


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Tashia said...

ah, face time with the cousins. jealous. :)