Sunday, January 29, 2012

18 more weeks (again)

After a 10-mile run (in shorts!) through Brookline this afternoon, I treated myself to a fresh salon pedicure with bright-green polish.  The color is called Spring.  It's a little obnoxious, to wit:

My tootsies certainly needed and appreciated the pampering.  (Particularly since I wore high-heeled boots and stood and/or walked and/or danced for nearly 10 hours straight last night .... another story for another time.)  But the timing was inadvertantly perfect ....

.... since tomorrow I officially begin Day 1 of 126 days of marathon training for #9 -- Stockholm! Yes, Stockholm in Sweden! -- on June 2.

I'm a crazy mother sometimes, yes.  But when the Swedish cousins say, "Come! Visit! Run! And we won't take no for an answer!" and the training will complete before the heat of summer and all my knocking on wood since Marathon 7 seems to still be working because the legs and the lungs are still willing ....

Yep.  No reason not to.

And I think I'm going to keep this old Spring color on the toes until race day.  Periodic postings of proof to follow.

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