Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dateline 1/26/12: E St & W Broadway, Southie

Morning watch -- 7:22 a.m.:   

In one swoop
I was asleep last night by 11:30
up this morning by 6:40
the #9 bus driver did brake
halfway between G Street and Dorchester
to pick me up
as I sprinted to catch the 7:20
which got me to Copley by 7:37
(because crowds on the 9
and E. Berkeley Street drivers 
don't seem to get going until 7:45,
 I learned)
and in the office
(after a Starbucks stop)
by 7:51,
while I know this indeed is not early
for most normal folks
I am not most normal folks,
 I don't think I've been either
in bed by midnight
 in the office before 8
 on any day in the last year
 it just seemed worth noting
in case it never happens again.

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