Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Monday (I)

OKCupid message blotter:

31 - Oberhausen, Germany.   hey you doin? It's so boring right now...and I ask myself if you are in mood to meet...a and nice guy?! I have to be honest today this nice guy is extremely horny too:-) the hormones are going crazy:-) so we could do something against that I hope you are open minded as me....would be cool if you reply

23 - N. Scituate, RI.   Hi! (5-minute gap) Hello?

18 - Avon, MA.  I was wondering if you are interested in casual sex.

26 - Boston, MA.  It's obvious that you have a problem with 22 years old men, but I'm soo old than them:) I'm 26 years old and 3 quarters:)) in April I'll be 27:)) JUST KIDDING! how e u?

21 - Peabody, MA.  Heeeey

32 - Lake City, FL.   u r so attractive can we chat or talk anytime ? my cell is 8XXXXXXXXX. (Ed. note: real number furnished upon request, in case you might want to chat or talk anytime.)

37, Washington DC.  Hi, I think a WOW is in order!! You are stunning! I bet you are as sweet. I'm a good guy, just turning a page in life, and trying to have some fun. I have an insatiable 'drive' with the stamina to match and looking for someone that would enjoy that, and we seem like a high match.

And an old friend, this gentleman, popped up and requested a chat, too.

Thanks, boys, for the attention.

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