Monday, April 2, 2012

No more p***** pics! (Can I get an A-men?)

This was sent my way today. It's from 2010. Considering how many penis photos have been gifted to me by men from OKCupid in my lifetime (including this winner), I'm amazed I didn't stumble across this myself already. It says everything I've ever said to the screen in response.

Choice quotes:
0:45: "Come on. Enough with the tricky camera angles on that baloney pony. Man, it is UGLY!"

0:57: "And, yes. Sometimes we save the pictures. But just to show our friends how weird yours looks. And make fun of how much of a douchebag you are."
Please share with a loved one. Man or woman, depending on their needs.

(PS: Thanks, MSF.)


Anonymous said...

OMG I watched this twice, I loved it so much. Seriously, why do guys DO that??? Do they notice that most of the time we avert our eyes to that vicinity of the man's body? Geez.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous. Because most of my fellow males think only with that much-maligned organ.


Student Driver said...

Umm, am I weird that I saved some for my own private viewing later? I don't think the cock is an ugly beast ( have you looked up close at a vagina lately? Now that ain't always pretty ) and if it's from someone I have been or will be intimate with... I quite like the penis pictorials. :)