Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will sun salute for food

Hey campers!  It's that time once again where I tell you something that I'm planning to do so I actually do it. 

In this case it is getting my decidedly non-bikini-shape torso muscles into enough shape so that after 3 months of hard and heavy eating, I'll survive this fool marathon I'm (hopefully still) going to run in 46 x 24 hours.

Each day between now and Saturday, June 2 (in addition to whatever else may be going on, including work, long runs, all-day musical rehearsals, Guinness binges at 2 a.m. or red-eye flights to San Francisco) I will complete either:

Option A:   Core Bomb

Various abdominal strengtheners (5 min) +
Lower back strengthener (1 min) +
Face-down planks (2 x 1 min) +
Rolling side planks w/out stopping (5 each side x 30 sec) +
Push-ups (3 x 12) +
Tricep-dips (3 x 12)


Option B:  30 minutes of Yoga

(This morning at 6:30 I did 60 minutes. Thank you,
free David Farmar Baptiste podcasts from iTunes.)

Yes.  This is my kitchen. 
Yes.  That is my cat eating breakfast next to my block.

Incidentally, I may or may not post an "after"  picture. 

No way, this time, am I posting a "before."

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