Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bikini Challenge: (And,) it's back!

At least temporarily.....

By Wednesday I will have amassed 94 running miles in February, but likewise spent most of the month not doing the yoga, planks and crunches that I did in January.  And much of February eating all of the chocolate and cinnamon sugar treats that I held off eating in January.  And did, and am still doing, the reliable start-of-marathon-training fall-back of eating double portions of everything. 

I got a jelly belly, folks which I'm not sharing in a "before" photo.  And I have plane tickets for Fort Myers FL in 17 days.  And due to past bikini challenges, I no longer own a one-piece bathing suit. 

(Surely, even though the beach and pool in my aunt and uncle's retirement complex is not the Girls Gone Wild scene .... life in a a bikini is oh-so-much-more happier without a muffintop.)

The good news is:  I already gave up chocolate for Lent, so I have a headstart.

More good news:  I will be in Florida for 3 full beach days.  So said tummy can find a few rays prior to being viewed on the interwebs.

Even better good news:  I know from past marathon experience that once I get into the swing of the trianing, my desire to eat the entire contents of my refrigerator abates somewhat. As in, the worst may be behind me.

The best good news:  It is always good to have an excuse to stay in shape. 

The upshot:  Photo here.  Of me.  In bikini.  On Monday, March 19.  How I get there will be my top-secret belly-blasting plan!


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Joy said...

You can do it!
I just ordered a mommy-modest tankini with a skirt today. I am not training for a marathon, and my body has carried other bodies inside it. No one wants to see all that...
Rock that bikini for the rest of us!