Monday, February 6, 2012

7 Days of Bob: New Grandfather

(And now, Sister #2....)

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I’m the science person in the family – not the writer. That said…

Wedding Day -- August 7, 2004

I’ve always felt blessed to have the father that I do – kind, generous, loving, interesting and interested, funny, likable. Being a grandfather has simply magnified those characteristics that I admire in my father.

69th birthday -- 2/7/2011

My sons are so fortunate to have a grandfather who is a regular part of their lives – always ready to read with them, do puzzles, cuddle, take a trip to the park, share a snack – and always willing to pull the EARLY morning shift on the occasions when he and mom come to be our fill-in daycare.

Great heads look alike:  reading with Henry.

Puzzles with Oliver.

BTW:  Bob has gained a new appreciation for the STRONG coffee that brews in our kitchen every morning. The first time he tasted it he quite literally spit it across the room. I’m not exaggerating. Now it is a staple of his early morning at the Habeck house.

We love you Bob / Dad / Papa Bob!

-- Missy, Chad, Henry & Oliver

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