Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kodachrome Project (2011): The Grinch Who Keeps Stealing My Sky

Oh, fair patio.

With lovely view of the waterfront since September of last year.

Occasional summer yoga studio.  

Reliable summer party spot, among the impatiens and basil.

Frequent summer chill spot (and often insomnia hangout).

Only place I can say I've listened to both Jethro Tull live and a chorus of partygoers down the street wailing on Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" at some early morning hour.

It is now the place where I watch construction workers hoist joists, tape wall panels together, add floors for future back-door neighbors; there has been another added in the week since this photo was taken. 

I'm kind of praying there isn't a fourth floor.

I want the chance to keep at least a couple inches of sky.


Heidi said...

Boston has the best porches. I still miss the wide one I had while living there. I hope at the very least that your new neighbors are entertaining...

Karin said...

@Heidi. RE: our relative proximity....I hope that they find me equally so, since they'll be peering into my kitchen every morning...

Karin said...

.....and as of today....another 2 floors. Oy.