Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I mean, really.

City of Boston. Really.

Are you getting back at me for mocking the Southie Christmas tree stand?

I registered my car to Southie nearly 2 years ago. I have a resident parking sticker from the former car owner that is valid through November 2009. I've parked in resident parking in Southie for nearly 2 years.

When you first gave me a parking ticket last March for parking in resident parking when I didn't "technically" have a resident parking sticker, I paid that ticket. And I didn't want to get another, so I went in to get my own sticker.

But I was in the middle of contesting the infamous St. Patrick's Day no parking zone violation. According to the rules of resident parking stickers, you told me, a resident cannot procure a parking sticker with outstanding tickets. It took until October for you to schedule a hearing on the St. Patty's tickets.

So I was unable to get a new parking sticker. In the meantime, in June, you handed out another groundless ticket: for parking in the median of Columbus Ave on a Sunday afternoon, even with no signs that say "no parking". Again, 5 months to get an appeal hearing, which is coming uip on Friday.

Meaning that I still haven't replaced the sticker ....since I have outstanding tickets.

So, since I have been parking in Southie resident parking, with the borrowed sticker, since December 2007 (I'm guessing about 500 days and nights) and only incurred that one March 2009 ticket -- imagine my surprise that, last night, you would see fit to assign me a No Resident Parking Sticker ticket. Even though the car was on the same spot it had been for the last week ... ay, much of the last year ... without a ticket.

I mean, really, City of Boston. Feeling stingy? Needing that $40 pretty badly?

Are you trying to MAKE me not want to live here anymore?


Justin said...

this is one of the MAIN reasons why the Greater Boston area looked less attractive when considering to stay or move. not that anyone should base a decision of where to live on parking, but, at some point in our lives, we just need to be able to park our damn car without checking mutliple signs, dates, days, stickers, tags, hydrants, meters, etc. (so long somerville....)

squigkato said...

@Karin. Sounds like Mayor Mennino won re-election last week.

When you land "Mr. Right", make sure he comes with a driveway.

Anonymous said...

It appears that if you would have just paid the first parking ticket and bought a resident parking pass, you'd be money and time ahead.

Karin said...


Rationality is not always welcome after the fact. But thanks.

Karin said...

And, now that I think about it, paying that ticket was never an option. It was for not seeing a no parking sign 2/3 of a block away. It was detestable. The city should not get away with that kind of ambiguous, egregious penalty collecting.

Anonymous said...

Your parking sticker is NOT valid if it is from a previous owner of the vehicle. And resident parking stickers are free. Why is this the citys fault again???

Karin said...


Wow. You're a lot of fun.